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Do you think the electoral college is fair?

After Clintons loss many people don't think so. I think it is fair.
Is it fair?
  1. Is it fair?6 votes
    1. No
    2. Yes


  • SilverishGoldNovaSilverishGoldNova 189 PtsPremium Member
    edited July 9 Premium Member
    I didn't like either of them, but the only reason they said it was unfair is because Clinton lost and they had to come up with excuses. Thats not to say I think it's fair, the EC is essentially "your vote doesn't matter lol" 
    I use debateisland I guess. Came here from after I noticed the decline in quality.

    Unrelatedly, The Doge Facebook page is threatening to sue me because I called them out for extortion.

    That is all I gotta say. 
  • I mean there are many problems with it, why don't we just put up posts and count each vote individually using scantrons? 
  • Due to the way the system works, votes in places like Wyoming have around X3 more effect than votes in places like New York. A geographical pot luck on how influential your vote is smacks of unfairness.

    I also think it's generally poor for other reasons, but those are less to do with fairness.
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