Would anti-atheists go to heaven?

Opening Argument

Occasionally, I see someone who takes God's teachings a bit too far. I respect theists, and I'm atheist, but you have to wonder if cramming god's teachings into an atheist mind is respected by god. Anti-atheists usually insult atheists and repeatedly call them helpless. I haven't encountered a specific example recently, but do you guys think anti-atheists would go to heaven, or is their loathing enough to deny heaven? [For the sake of this philosophical idea, we'll assume God and heaven exist.]
  1. Would an anti-atheist go to heaven?

    3 votes
    1. Of course; God loves everyone. Everyone goes to heaven.
    2. Of course; the atheists need to see the truth. Any non-believer won't get heaven.
    3. No; they're being too rude to deserve heaven.
    4. Heaven's unreachable. No one can get in.

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