Will Trump Change ObamaCare through an executive order?

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Will Trump try to change ObamaCare through an executive order? Will this satisfy voters or would a name change be better?
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  • I think he will try.  Until Trump I didnt realize how broadly executive orders can be used, and Trump will stretch its use as much as possible. Not sure if the voters may backlash though.
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  • Yes, I think he should change the names as well if it is a different health care bill.
  • @natbarons, yes - he should change the name too.  
  • WakeWake 121 Pts
    Isn't it nice to see the numbers of people who are commenting that are totally unaware of how government works?

    We have a Congress blowing through multi-millions of dollars in a "Russian" investigation when no laws could have been broken by their own admittance.

    We have people here telling us that Trump is using Executive Powers. Executive orders may have the force of law, if based on the authority derived from statute or the Constitution itself. The ability to make such orders is also based on express or implied acts of Congress that delegate to the President some degree of discretionary power (delegated legislation).

    To those that cannot understand that - the President CANNOT CHANGE US LAW via and Executive Order.

    But Obama did it every other week and the Democrat controlled Congress didn't object. Now we have the same liberal Democrats telling us that Trump is doing it.

    In fact about the only thing that Trump has done is to reduce or eliminate illegal laws passed by agencies such as the EPA who have been running this country as though it were a fiefdom. These rules and regulations were NOT voted on by Congress and these agencies should have not been given such wide discretionary powers.

    But heck - who cares how stupid people are on social media - they still like to act like a pack of wild dogs.
  • melefmelef 52 Pts
    @wake , the Russia investigation is pointless, that money can be put towards a Clinton and Obama investigation. I believe that ObamaCare will not repealed and replaced by an executive order. I believe it will be through the congress and signing of the bill by Trump.
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