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The White House Shouldn't Exist

Opening Argument

FascismFascism 107 Pts
edited October 16 in Politics
Billions of dollars are wasted on maintaining the White House for the President. A leader shouldn't reap off the benefits of his country. Those billions of dollars could have been used on something else, but they all go to keeping the president  happy. A true leader wishes to make his country better. He doesn't become a leader to get the benefits of being a leader. 

This is not only about the USA. Every country where the leader is given unnecessary taxpayer money, should not use this system. If a leader runs for election for his own benefit, then he doesn't deserve to be a leader anyways. 

If a leader runs not for the benefit of herself, but the benefit of the country, then why have the White House? 

Edit: Let me reword what I'm trying to say here. I don't want to tear down the White House. It is an essential part of American history and culture. What I mean is that I don't want it to be solely for the president's well-being. The money wasted could be used somewhere else, than making the president's life better. 
  1. Should the White House Exist?

    8 votes
    1. Yes
    2. Don't know/don't care
    3. No

Status: Open Debate


  • I believe that the White House should exist. It is a large part of the country and is the place of work for many people.
  • I believe that the White House should exist due to it being a place of business and housing. This is a huge part of America and it’s history.
    DebateIslander and a lover. 
  • The White house is a large part of our society. It is part of what makes us American. Are you saying we should tear it down in favor of the lower class. A legitimate point but not the White house. As a fellow Fascist I don't understand why you want to tear down one of our only places of culture. Take out some other parts of government that actually cost money and do nothing but help the rich. Just not the white house it is rather important and any leader can just get inside making it convenient and overall symbol of America. 
  • @northsouthkorea @joecavalry @Oswald_Mosley
    Let me reword my argument. I did not mean that the White House should be teared down completely, but it should do more to contribute to the country, than just make the president happy. Billions of dollars go to waste. Why not make it a museum which preserves the countries culture? This way the White House still exists, there is still going to be preservation of the American culture, Billions of dollars don't go to waste, Many smaller businesses can set up shop in the museum providing economic flow, and the jobs won't be lost. 

    The solution I provided might be flawed, but there still might be another solution to preserve American culture while not spending billions for the president's happiness. 
  • @Fascism I believe that the White House being the host of the people should not be a museum of culture I believe a whole administration should be put in its place. I believe America never truly had a culture because of it's lack of wanting to be a greater nation and wanting to be the "Bastion of Democracy" I believe the elements that make an American an American should be combined with the elements to be developed with a "Ministry of Culture" should be made. The White house is not a museum. Also the white house under President Obama's 8 years cost about 1.4 billion in total.  Which is about 175 Million a year when put with the U.S total budget is not much in comparison so it doesn't cost much to maintain. The white house is not meant to be useful but is symbolic. The White house is not meant to be a petty museum of American culture. I believe that the White house instead of being a museum should be remodeled for the American Fascist Ideal. Not to mention the white house is basically a mansion. I think the white house shouldn't be such a mansion for the President's happiness I mean for god's sake he is meant to be a man of the worker and people not a billionaire. That is a symbol of our corruption. That I can agree with and some money from remodeling the White house luxuries can make a new White House which is meant to be purely symbolic as well as a home and workplace for that was it's purpose in the first place. To sum it all up keep the White House the same, remodel it's finer luxuries, and don't make it a museum it's not meant to be a petty business organization that people can use to be "patriotic" which makes our society even more materialistic than it already is. 
  • @Oswald_Mosley
    The cost to run the White House under the Obama administration was't 1.4 billion throughout all his presidency. It was 1.4 billion each year of his presidency. There is way too much luxury in it.

    But yes I agree with your statement that we need to make it less luxurious. The purpose of the president is to make the nation better, not his life. 

    My museum idea was just a thought. 
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