Which country as of now, is the Biggest Threat to our Values?

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FascismFascism 235 Pts
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Which country do you think is the biggest threat to your moral values? And why?

I'd say China is the biggest threat. It infringes on people's rights, and has a government which is too powerful. 

(If you are wondering why Israel is on there, some people say it might cause WW3. There are other less known reasons too.) 
  1. Here are some common countries blamed to be the biggest threat:

    13 votes
    1. China
    2. Russia
    3. North Korea
    4. Israel
    5. The United States of America
    6. Other country

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  • joecavalryjoecavalry 252 Pts
    edited October 12
    North Korea is a large threat due to their nuclear force and arsenal.
    DebateIslander and a lover. 
  • North Korea would be big there at due to their constant threat and relationship with China.
  • It hurts me to say this but my own homeland is the biggest threat to my moral values. We are so materialistic and we don't even know who we are anymore. We are all just interested and money and we have become perverted and all we care about is sex and money. Our government is now privatizing everything so not only can we become more controlled by the 1% and reduce the wages of the average American worker. We want to be the bastion of democracy and we have no culture. Our government encourages this among other nations instead of showing other nations what it's like to be people again. Democracy has run down our American environment and culture so much we don't have one anymore. All we care about in America is money and sexual perversion. We need to find the cores of the human being which is the cores of the Fascist being. We need to change the way of thought in America and we need to change it now otherwise we will become one in the same and dirty Internationalists will gain their victory and America is abolished in favor of organizations such as the U.N and League of Nations.
  • melefmelef 52 Pts
    I believe that the United States and it’s foreign policies are a large therest to the country. They are very interested in getting globally involved. This may lead to a war and possible issues for the United States. They may be globalist, but nationalist under Trump.
  • @northsouthkorea
    Although one may argue that NK is dangerous because of its nuclear arsenal and constant provocations of war, it is merely a bogeyman for our politicians, by being afraid of NK we are only unwillingly supporting the North Korean propaganda machine. Kim Jong Un knows that he will never make his country into a superpower, he can, however, create fear and panic among the West, being the egotistical tyrant that he is, KJU chooses to scare his opponents. North Korea has an army the size of Belgium and a GDP inferior to that of countries in Sub-Saharan Africa, however, KJU undoubtedly possesses more power. To begin to understand politics we must first admit that there must be something the leader does better than us in order for that person to have come to power in the first place. In Kim Jong Un's case, he knows in order to make NK something feared in the West he must constantly provoke us, however, NK carefully makes sure he never crosses the line where we will actually declare war on him for he knows defeat is inevitable. Although their people are starving, North Korea is completely isolated from the outside world and their citizens don't know how bad their situation is. Though they have the choice to protest, right now they are barely farming enough crops to keep themselves alive and thus they will obviously choose not starving to death instead of protesting. North Korean nuclear missiles cannot actually reach the US and thus it's only purpose is to keep such a tiny and pathetic nation from being invaded. Thus North Korea will remain in our history books and society, nothing but a bogeyman for the West, a strawman used by politicians to scare the citizenry, nowhere near being an aggressive and expansionist superpower threatening the very survival of our values.
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