End of the Medieval Era

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In your opinion, what marked the end of the Medieval era, Urbino? Agincourt? Pavia? The Crusades? Please explain why.

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  • I believe that the medieval era was closed by multiple factors which includes the crusades and Urbino. Them coming together, closed the Medieval era through their causes.
  • The renaissance brought the notion that man is independent responsible for his own actions. Knowledge and the liberal arts started to become valued over faith. I believe that is the true ending of the middle ages where god was valued over man, and groups over the individual.Arguable the high enlightenment ended the dark ages of medieval time. New technology, most importantly the printing press, help spread the bible and new Ideas around Europe. New politicians and writers such as Machiovelli and Erasmus created philosophies about government systems. All these factors combined ended the dark ages and brought Europe into the light.
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    The beginning of the Renaissance ended the Dark Ages. This was when a radical new philosophy begin to take place, which caused major societal changes, and carved Europe for the rest of history. 
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