Amazon Key new service is a Huge violation of privacy

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The new amazon service let’s delivery guys open your front door and have a camera inside your house.  While super-convienient, that to me is just a crazy violation of personal space and a security risk.  I don’t want amazon to have so much information about me, and don’t want to expose to security hacks for some disgruntled contractor  getting access to my house.  Yes, the video clip and notifications supposed to provide some comfort, but Amazon you are really crossing the line here.
  1. Amazon Key Privacy concern outweigh the benefits

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    1. Privacy more important
    2. Convenience is more important
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  • This is a huge violation of privacy which could cause many robberies, etc.
  • While they have mitigating measures, the pivacy conern is just not worth it.  There are great uses however, like some apartment buildings or places with double doors maybe
  • This is a privacy concern due to the access it is giving to people’s homes.
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  • @joecavalry, yep.  I can see though how many millenials wpuld give up their privacy for this in return for convenience. They do have video
  • This is currently an option. While I agree it is a violation of privacy, people know this beforehand. When this sort of thing becomes mandatory, then I worry.
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  • I think that it is a violation of privacy. I think the only thing that this helps with could be porch pirates but otherwise, I think it is a very poor idea. First of all, this could cause a spike/peak in robberies because you are literally letting someone into your house WITH A KEY. For all we know, they could use that key to come into your house at any time and just steal your stuff. 
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