New 'Star Trek' Series Makes Massive Science Blunder

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The Star Trek Discovery series is based on space travel powered by mushrooms technology.  That's totally crazy and is a turn off to star trek fans.  With warp drive in prior series it certainly wasn't as ridiculous as this mushrooms horizontal DNA space travel craziness.
I am writing off this show.
  1. Star Trek Discovery mushroom spave travel is ridiculous

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  • It isn't really a new concept; the the core of Dr Who's TARDIS was grown from a species of coral on Gallifrey.  I won't watch it because I won't help CBS become a premium channel.
  • @CYDdharta, good insight re the tardis.
    agreed on cbs premium concerns.
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  • To @CYDdharta point, 
    For those interested in tardis coral, below is the info. Very Different from star trek discovery mushrooms, but equally far stretched.
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  • I believe that this possibly takes place before the warp technology was invented. This shows how they might have created that technology or similar ones before that.
  • @walterba, you are correct, but it seems so much more advanced then the other warp technology. It can go anywhere anytime instantly, and take the entire ship with it..all based on mushrooms? The rest of Gene Roddenberry star trek was founded on well thought through scientific principles..with a vision into the future (most of which came true).  The mushroom thing in Discovery seems a bit ridiculous.
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