Formal Debate: Amaterasu (Okami) vs Thor (Marvel)

Opening Argument

With the new release of the "Formalish" debate, I've decided to make a battle for my 1st. This'll be a battle between the two gods of Marvel and Capcom; Amaterasu, Nippon's goddess of the sun, versus Thor, Asgard's god of thunder.

I will be arguing that Amaterasu will win. The contender will argue Thor will win. We'll be using the Amaterasu from Capcom, and Thor from Marvel. No other characters can take part in the battle.

With that, good luck, and let's see how this goes!
Points For:


Points Against:


Votes: 1

Rounds: 3

Time Per Round: 24 Hours Per Round

Round 1

Round 2

Round 3



  • Round 1 | Position: For
    I'll start with how powerful Amaterasu is. But first, I'd like to show you just who Thor is facing:

    Trust me, this wolf is much more than your average one.

    Going over her Divine Instruments; her weapons. She has Reflectors, Glaives, and Rosary. Reflectors are her basic Divine Instrument, with decent damage output. With a reflector, she can do a powerful counter attack. Glaives are swords that are slow, but deal high damage. Amaterasu can charge up a Glaive's attack for a stronger strike. A notable Glaive is the Thunder Edge, which does electric damage. With Rosary, Amaterasu has great range, and can launch theem as projectiles. The Ice Beads are a Rosary that does ice damage. Here's the page for each Instrument:


    Amaterasu's main weapon however, is the Celestial Brush. With it, she use these 13 abilities: Sunrise (raises the sun), Inferno (control fire), Blizzard (control ice), Thunderstorm (control electricity), Cherry Bomb (creates explosive firecrackers), Galestorm (controls wind), Waterspout (controls water), Crescent (raises the moon), Veil of Mist (slows down time), Power Slash (a powerful slash that can cut iron ore and diamond ore), Greensprout (Vine, Lily Pad, Bloom, and also growing trees), Rejuvenation (can repair broken objects), and Catwalk (can scale walls if a Kabegami statue is nearby). This is the link:

    Amaterasu can also wall jump and double jump. I think this is enough. Boy, Ammy's a beast. So let's see what Thor's like!
  • Round 1 | Position: Against
    I would go with Thor due to his large amount of power. His main weapon greatly adds to his power as well.
  • Round 2 | Position: For
    So far, no one said anything about Marvel's Thor. I'm looking at his VS Battles wiki page, and I'm wondering if there's any Marvel fans who'd suggest Thor would win. He's no pushover, that's for sure. But Ammy has also defeated various demons. When someone brings up what Thor can do, I'll get back to you in Round 3.

    @walterba I think Amaterasu would win due to her large power. Her different weapons add on to her power and versatility as well. Let's be a bit more specific.
  • Vote
    Persuasive Argument (For): 3 Points
    Evidence And Sources (For): 2 Points
    Conduct (For): 0 Points
    Spelling And Grammar (For): 0 Points
    Persuasive Argument (Against): 0 Points
    Evidence And Sources (Against): 0 Points
    Conduct (Against): 0 Points
    Spelling And Grammar (Against): 0 Points

    Total Points (For): 5 Points

    Total Points (Against): 0 Points

    Explanation: I find it interesting that I can vote as the original poster. Though the winner here is clearly Amaterasu.

    I was the only one who cared enough to post Amaterasu's abilities, which includes the Celestial Brush and Divine Instruments. Thor's side lacked any substance. A very vague argument was brought up, but it only mentioned having "large power", and "his weapon", which is barely anything. As far as this debate's concerned, Amaterasu has the only powers. Arguments to Ammy's side by default.

    Only I brought sources, so Amaterasu's side gets Source points.

    No one was rude in any form, or lacked proper S&G, so those won't get rewarded.


    Amaterasu: 5
    Thor: 0
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