Kid Geniuses - it's all about cognitive abilities

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The longest-running study of genius kids reveals what it takes to be highly successful

In the longest-running study of gifted children ever, scientists followed 5,000 kids who tested in the top one percent of intelligence for over four decades. They learned that intelligence plays a huge role in achieving success later in life.

These findings contradict long-held theories,  the idea that high performance comes mainly from practice and the second that "anyone can get to the top with enough focused effort of the right kind."

So the sobbering reality is you are either special or not. If you are special than if your parents identify it early enough and you have opportunity to develop your talent than you will go places.

Some notable one-percenters  who have passed through the center include Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg, Google co-founder Sergey Brin and Lady Gaga.
  1. Cognitive abilities are key in determing child success

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    2. No - with enough effort, you can still make
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