Will China overtake US in space race 10 years from now?

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Air Force general says China is advancing in space five times as quickly as the US

Does that mean China will overtake US in operationalizing space 10 years from now? that a play by US Force to lobby for extra funding?
  1. Will China overtake US in space race 10 years from now?

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    2. No
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  • northsouthkoreanorthsouthkorea 176 Pts
    edited November 2017
    No, China will not. Some ountries such as the US may not be spending a large amount of money on NASA in general or compared to other expenses, programs, etc. There may have been a decrease since the 1900’s in NASA funding possibly etc.
  • edited November 2017
    Space doesn't exist, so I wouldn't say so. 
  • I don’t believe that China will die to the US’s funds and technology.
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