Will Asgardia, first 'Space Nation' be successful?

Opening Argument

Asgardia, the world's first 'space nation', takes flight

Andrea Lo, CNN/Nov 15, 2017

Another Billionaire is looking to make his mark in space by forming an independent nation in space.  He already has 114,000 members signup from many countries and is even looking to apply to UN.
Part of the plan includes a democratic society with real governing bodies in local locations across the World.  The intent is for people to keep dual citizenships. Eventually he is looking for actual space settlements

lets debate if it will be successful and would change definition of being a citizen of one country.

pro will argue that it will be successful and con against.
  1. Will Asgardia, first 'Space Nation' be successful?

    5 votes
    1. Yes
    2. No
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  • Round 1 | Position: For
    I think that definition of success needs to be defined.  Overall though I believe it has a good chance to be successful as follows:
    1) transform the notion of multi country citizenship and governance model, Especially if they succeed getting UN acceptance.  
    2) get high membership (already 114k) and publicity
    3) set foundation framework of what social and related issues we may experience with collonization of other planets
    4) maybe eventually, actually get some people to spend material time in the space station and actually "live" there.  Not sure how far away that goal will be.

    Overall, we need bold moves like this to make progress exploring what it will be like to colonize space outside of Earth.  It will be a small step of making progress and others will learn from the experience.
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  • Round 1 | Position: Against
    I don’t believe that this would be successful.
    1) They would have to establish taxes, if there would be any.
    2) They may not be able to fund the civilization.
    DebateIslander and a lover. 
  • Round 1 | Position: Against
    How does this work out if space doesn't exist but is instead a collection of NASA bathtubs?
  • Round 2 | Position: For
    i will use this round for rebuttals on provided arguments
    1) they would have to establishe taxes:

    While true, That's not really a major blocker for their success.  Similar to internet economy there may become a tax system where sales tax is collected based on where business is conducted.  If the space economy is going to eventually take off then the Space Nation can collect taxes on busines conducted in space and work with othf countries to collect sales tax that is conducted locally.
    I think they have major other obstacles before figuring out how to tax these people, but there are ways to avoid double taxation.

    2) Funding:
    there is already a billionaire bank rolling this venture.  If it takes off then he has a good shot at getting funding from others as well.

    3) space doesnt exist 
    (comment from out good friend @SilverishGoldNova

    I will not let this debate drag into the flat earth discussion, but even if that would be true then Nasa has been very successful wihtout doing much, so that would actually make it even easier for this venture to succeed.

    Live Long and Prosper
  • Round 2 | Position: Against
    @Agsr How would they establish a nation succesfully in a tiny bathtub with a greenscreen? That's what I ask
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