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Fascism referring to the fundamental political, economic, and societal ideology. Not the insult, or popular view of fascism. 

The original doctrine or principles of fascism promote the following:

Nationalism (ex: Our nationality is #1!)
Militarism (for defense and promoting other national interests)
Command economy (capitalism with government regulation)
Capitalism mixed with socialism (ie. capitalist values mixed with socialist values)
Authoritarianism (Strong central government)
Preservation of culture (falls under nationalism)
Individualism mixed with collectivism (so basically the middle ground between communism and ancap)
Corporatism (in essence, organization of society by major interest groups. ex: labor unions)

The proposition (for) will be arguing in favor of the statement, "Fascism is good."
The opposition (against) will be arguing against that statement. 
I will also accept defeat if the opposition can prove that there is another form of government which is better than fascism. In other words, you don't have to disprove the statement, "Fascism is good." in order to win. You can instead prove that another form of government is simply better than fascism. 

This is basically a repeat of my other debate. I'm just hoping people with real arguments will come this time. 
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Points Against:


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Rounds: 2

Time Per Round: 24 Hours Per Round

Round 1

Round 2



  • Round 1 | Position: For
    Nationalism isn't necessarily bad. Radical nationalism can lead to racism against immigrants, and cause the nation's culture to become stagnant, but normal amounts of nationalism is just a way of preserving culture. The immigrants would then have to assimilate. 
    Ex: American schools teaching English as a core subject to immigrants and citizens alike. 

    Militarism is necessary for defense, and protection of borders. 

    A command economy is also good if it isn't radical. Too much command economy causes micromanagement in the economy. However, in a command economy where there is minimal government interference, the people can still enjoy personal freedom, with government regulations. These regulations are necessary to accelerate economic growth at times, and can also be useful in achieving goals. 
    Ex: Government puts tariffs on foreign steel, so that national steel companies can grow. 

    Too much socialism doesn't allow for incentive, and too much capitalism puts too much power on the rich. A mix of these two can take the advantages of both, while taking out the weaknesses. 

    Individualism allows for incentive. Collectivism allows for people to work together for a common goal. 

    Corporatism organizes different groups of people and makes it easier to appeal to all of them. 
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