We should continue to explore space

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First all of those who believe non of this is real that would be a different debate (Is space real or not) so please don't except this debate. Thanks! I am for investing in space exploration. If you except you would be for investing in space exploration less then we do now. : )
  1. Should we continue to explore space?

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    2. No

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    I guise I did not know I needed to post the first argument. : 0 First I am bad at spelling just so you know. We invest in space to discover learn and develop new technology. I have to points to start off with. First is preparation. We need to be prepare for dangers in space. The more we know the more prepared we can be. And the more advantaged technology the better we can defend are selves. I don't want to procrastinate until it is to late and other mass extinction happens. Two their are resources in space. The sooner we get their the more resources we have aces to. Tell me why I am wrong.
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