Does magic exist?

Opening Argument

There's a few sites, and the occasional ads/scams on, about magic and magical cures. But does magic truly exist? [I thought I might as well post this, though magic believers are probably very rare]

Please be civil in this debate! Judging others will only be done outside of the computer.
The first person to be able to convince me that magic likely exists will be in the Persuaded box. Though note I'll be finding ways to counter sources or claims. If I feel you aren't going anywhere with your arguments, I may tell you so and stop replying. Examples include repeated use of circular reasoning (such as the "Bible's validity" argument, get into that later).

With that, let's see who can Persuade Me!
  1. Do you believe in magic?

    3 votes
    1. I don't.
    2. Eh, it's possible!
    3. Yes; I can do magic!
    4. Yes; God is the answer.

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  • The problem with using God or the Bible to prove the feats is that it's nothing but a book, as well as containing a few contradictions. For example, here is suggests God encourages reproducing [ 1:28&version=KJV], then here he hates it [ 12:1-8&version=KJV] So... should we reproduce or not?

    Another problem: You can't prove Jesus walked on water. Or turns water into wine, or any other miracles than aren't being reproduced (to my knowledge, anyway). So how can we rely on this? You can't argue that the bible or God is evidence, since 1) You can't prove the bible's god exists for certain, 2) suggesting the bible says God exists, and is God's word since it says so in the bible, is circular reasoning, not bringing any actual evidence.

    Anyway, that's the end of my bible rebuttal.

    As for magic you'd see on TV, video editing exists, and there's always a secret to a magician's trick. (And since they use tricks and editing often, it makes it more skeptical that real magic exists.)
  • PowerPikachu21  What definition are you using for magic?
  • Yes what definition are you using?
  • Definition is important because if it is just things happening for reasons we don't understand or can't be explained by are current understanding of science then yes. Their are things about the universe we have yet to explain that very well might be eventually explained by science then yes that kind of magic does exist.
  • Of course. We're using the Merriam Webster definition; "the use of means (such as charms or spells) believed to have supernatural power over natural forces". My bad.
  • I have seen a penis disappear and then reappear several times, it felt like magic..............
  • @mismedic I'd prefer if comments like talking about bad (sex) things weren't in my debates. Try to keep it family friendly.
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