Is China Helping North Korea?

Opening Argument

Position: For
Do you believe that China is helping North Korea? 
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    5 votes
    1. Yes
    2. No

Debate Type: Lincoln-Douglas Debate

Opponent: BaconToes

Time Per Round: 48 Hours Per Round



  • Affirmative Constructive | Position: For
    China has been helping North Korea for a large amount of time. Now, the UN, etc. may be putting sanctions on North Korea. 

    I believe that China is helping North Korea. This is due to North Korea still being able to continue their nuclear program. With their sanctions, I am not sure if they would have enough money to to that.
  • Cross Examination - Affirmative | Position: Against
    I disagree that China is helping North Korea. 

    The main reason that China is not cutting its aid to North Korea is mainly due to the fact that they share a border. The common goal of everybody, the UN, China etc. is to maintain peace. In order to maintain peace with North Korea, China has to offer its aid to North Korea.
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