Should the Electoral College be abandoned?

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  1. Should the Electoral College be abandoned?

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    2. No
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    I think it is not a good system and should be replaced.
    This is an old post but it is relevant:
    A.) State in which are considered safe states often don't matter. Candidates from both party's won't normally care about safe states. They only care about swing states.
    B.) The voting system was designed in a different time. Some of the problems it was made to help don't occurs anymore. Like North vs South in terms of slavery. Slavery is gone now.
    C.) People in California have less then 30% of the voice as people in Wyoming do in presidential votes. It is possible for a candidate to get less than 25% of the votes and win.
    D.) The Votes of a sate can go agents that of the popular vote. Zero people can vote for a candidate in a sate and that sate can still vote all for that candidate. How does that even make sense?
    E.) 49.9999% of the people of a sate can vote for one candidates and there votes don't really count in the final sate votes. That is like 19.5 million people not making a difference in one sate.
    F.) This point is a new one. The system makes it hard for any third party to get anywhere. We are stuck with the two party system. 
    G.) Another new point. In the case of a tie the states vote, one vote each, which really causes a problem when capering Wyoming with a population of around 600,000 with it's one vote and Californian with a population of 40 million and it's still one vote.  

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