Missing train to work or last minute cancelled early am meeting what's more annoying?

Opening Argument

Two annoying occurences this week.  
1) I missed my commuter train by 2 seconds, running up to the platform seeing  train coming, including a large staircase leading to the platform.  A door literally shut in front of me and I had to wait for 10-15 minutes for the next train. (Pro)
2) A meeting was scheduled early in the morning about an hour earlier before my regular time to get to the office.  I got up early and started getting ready when I learned that the meeting got rescheduled for another day.  At that point I headed to the office anyway. (Con)

i will argue that while both cases are annoying, missing the train is sligtly more annoying.  
If you argue pro then you are arguing for missing train is more annoying. Con will argue for cancelled meeting being more annoying.
  1. Missing train to work or last minute cancelled early am meeting what's more annoying?

    2 votes
    1. Missed train
    2. Cancelled meeting
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  • Round 1 | Position: For
    I will argue that missing a train in this case is more annoying since it was literally a couple of seconds away and was a more immediate impact.
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  • Round 1 | Position: Against
    I think that last minute meeting cancellation would be more annoying to me.  I would be annoyed with inconsiderate person who did that last minute.  Train door, while frustrating, is somewhat just your own fault for not getting up ontime, but the meeting cancellation is someone else fault.
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    someone234someone234 154 Pts
    edited December 2017
    Persuasive Argument (For): 1 Points
    Evidence And Sources (For): 0 Points
    Conduct (For): 1 Points
    Spelling And Grammar (For): 0 Points
    Persuasive Argument (Against): 2 Points
    Evidence And Sources (Against): 0 Points
    Conduct (Against): 1 Points
    Spelling And Grammar (Against): 0 Points

    Total Points (For): 2 Points

    Total Points (Against): 3 Points

    Explanation: For me, Curious George brought up the point of how responsible you are for the act being INVERSELY proportional to how annoying it ends up being for you. Since agsr had no time to respond to his opponent on that, I have to give the argument points to George. The reason I don't give George a 3 is because he didn't explain why it is inversely proportional and if I had been agsr I know three different ways to actually explain why being critical of oneself is a deeper annoyance and a much more worthy thing to let bother you than the annoyance at things outside of one's control but since George had the last word on the matter George gets the point for a WRONG argument in my opinion but one that went uncontested. The immediateness of impact was never expanded on by agsr so for me it doesn't really prove anything and only counts as a 1-pointer for even trying.

    It is against my code of ethics to vote on spelling and grammar as I believe this is unfair to non-native English speakers. So I always will leave that null.

    Both had equal conduct and unless one is very rude, I don't feel the need to vote there but since 0 is insulting I will give both a 1 since I'd give a 2 to the victimised party if bad conduct took place.

    Neither had evidence or sources.

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