Justice league would beat the Avengers

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10 person teams and the characters that are normally on that team. It is under the movie category because there is no book or superhero category. You are also allowed to use the comics.

Avengers: Hulk, Iron-man, Captain America, Black widow, Ant-man, Hawk-eye, Doctor Strange, Quicksilver, Vision, Thor.  

Justice League: Flash, Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, Green Lantern, Doctor Fate, Shazam, Cyborg, Aquaman, Martian Man-Hunter.

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  • General_Smiley Who is faster. Quicksilver or the flash?
  • @Nope not even a question the flash If you want I can link multiple videos and sources 

    Quicksilver has gone a little over the speed of sound 
    The Flash has gone multiple 1000 times then the speed of light. To put that in perspective he has gone faster than instant teleportation from one side of the universe to the other.
  • NopeNope 174 Pts
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    General_Smiley In that case the flash could beet every member of the avengers except maybe the Halk because for some reason instead of dieing when he should he should he turns into the halk and Thor because he is a god. Is it possible to kill the Halk and Thor. I think the Justice League would win. They have the flash which could beet all of the Avengers before the battle started. They just have to beat the other team right. Because Thor and the Hulk could definitely be defited. Non of the other members of the Justice League even need to do a thing. Sorry for spelling. : )
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    @Nope He could knock hulk out with the infinite mass punch and stick him in the speed fore. The speed fore only speedsters can get out and time is endless. Hulk could not even get get out even with his strength because unless a speedster accesses it and gets him out then he has no chance. Hulk Cannot Die, but Thor on the other hand can die. If he wanted to The flash wanted to he could use Thor's lightning to his advantage 
  • General_Smiley Flash could be pretty much any super hero. They could not even think of what to do before they are gone. I am more intruted in a battle with out people how could practically make things happen instantly. Iron man could make a machien so strong it could hurt superman as relistcly he should be knocked out by a realy big punch. I wonder if Halk could beat super man with one punch. Super man is quick and has strong punches of his own. The thing is a lot of the Justice League super heros have more then one power while most avengers don't.
  • Yeah he is pretty Op and he also has more powers so he is great. I hope That you continue to study The Flash and maybe join the DC side of superhero fans.
  • I think that Justice League would win just because they have a much stronger and more well rounded team then the Avengers/
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