Should the TV Show Glee have involved members of the LGBT?

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    I think that this was a very good idea to support youth part of the LGBT because as someone who strongly believes in all of these things I think it was good to have diversity on the show especially since the majority of this show was made before gay marriage was supported so having this element was really good in my opinion.
  1. Do you support the LGBT on Glee?

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  • I believe that this was not a good idea. This is due to Glee going too far by including such a large amount of LGBT people. 
  • @billpassed I think that it was a good idea because having this aspect showed people and kids that it's ok to embrace who they really are and it doesn't matter what people think about themselves. For example, if you look at Santana she was a lesbian but she didn't want to come out because she didn't know what everyone else would think about her being homosexual but after she came out and told Brittany that she loved her, look where she ended up, no one cared about her sexuality or her life decisions. She also ended up marrying Brittany who was the love of her life and they really loved each other so I think it was a good idea and there were so many straight couples that it was a nice balance between the LGBT people and the straight people.
  • someone234someone234 153 Pts
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    A huge enough part of their fanbase was gay males to make that an issue worth bringing up in a way other series and musicals never do (other musicals involve straight love).
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  • Max_Air29Max_Air29 63 Pts
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    They should not have involved so much LGBT things, because they may have been taking away some of their audience.
  • someone234someone234 153 Pts
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    @Max_Air29 Much more of their audience was either gay or homosexual-friendly than homophobic. Most homophobes hated the show and mocked it.
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  • @someone234

    I definitely agree how people would have just hated it, to begin with instead of watching the show.
  • In my opinion I believe it was not a bad idea. In other arguments above I've read that this has probably reduced the amount of viewers. This is true, but at the same time how many of the current tv shows portray LGBT love as a main event or issue? I believe that there is a very small amount in comparison to those in which heterosexual relationships are showcased. So it doesn't matter if their viewers decreased or not because there needs to be tv shows directed towards the LGBT community. We also have to consider that the show was mainly directed towards younger people and now a days the younger population is the most tolerant and accepting towards that community. I'm not saying that all young people are tolerant, but they are the most tolerant, or at least I believe that is so. 
  • @MajoMILSdlGMGV You forgot to reiterate my point that many gay viewers and people who are pro-LGBT but not gay themselves particularly love the show and WOULD NOT OTHERWISE watch it in other words it gained a lot of loyal viewer it would otherwise have 'lost' by never gaining due to what it has done.
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  • @someone234 Yes, I agree. 
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