Will Trump Fullfill His Agenda?

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Do you believe that Trump will fullfill his agenda such as building the wall, repeal and replace of ObamaCare, Tax Reform, infrastructure, border control, etc.
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  • Round 1 | Position: Against
    I do not think that Trump will be able to fulfill all of his wishes that he wants to complete as president but I do think that it depends. First of all, there are two major variable that will impact his work being done. One, is that if Korea really decides to launch a nuclear missile at the United States, Trump would have to take action against that and either send military troops to Korea or even launch a missile back if there is one in our military that is ready for use. Also, it depends how long he stays in office. For example, at the next election it depends on if he gets re-elected or a new president will be introduced to our country. Finally, he's been in office for almost a year now and he hasn't done very much in my opinion. I think he'll be able to do tax reform, and repeal Obamacare but I don't think that the wall will ever happen or border control. I think that building a wall was all talk just so he could gather more people on his side.
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