Is bitcoin investment mostly by guys

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This article argues that most of bitcoin ventures and investment are done by men.  I think that makes sense, since high technology field is dominated by men in the first place.  While there are women developers, that's much more rare.

Bitcoin: New Financial System or Same Old Boys' Club?

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  •     I think it kind of depends on the region but generally men would invest in this new system more than women because boys are known for experimenting. However, many people that are in the third world countries that may own a computer or some form of technology might want to use this because I don't personally use Bitcoin but I have looked into it and it says people can send money to you so someone might want to invest in Bitcoin and get some money. However, I do think young boys/men would want to try it because it's just something new and someone might want to try it. 
  • Just like field of programming is dominated be men, same here.  The article makes sense to me
  • Women bad! Women slow to evolve! Women the down-to-earthers... Men the inventors!!!!
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