Omarosa fired again

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It was a big surprise to me why Trump hired Omarosa.  She was fired from first season of Apprentice and was a major pain.  She was one of the most hated characters on the show and certainly seemed incompetent.

Why in the world did Trump hire her to the actual White House is beyond me.  I guess there is some debate whether she was not fired or resigned.  I believe that she was fired (or asked to leave).
SNL has a funny take on this.

S.N.L.’ Takes On Omarosa Resignation (or Firing?)

  1. was Omarosa fired or resigned

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    1. Fired
    2. Resigned
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  • I really hated Omarosa on the show.  I am glad that she got fired.  
  • I actually liked her. I don't think we have evidence she was fired
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