Aquaman is better then Namor

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  • Aquaman can control marine life life. Need I say more? I do. Oh ok. Aquaman is also an original member of the justice league. Namor is a member of know such group. Aquaman is faster to. Namor has to many weaknesses. Polluted water, heat attckes and spending to much time in ether water or land. While I do like the Marvel super hero better in general I think Aquaman is a better super hero then Namor.
  • edited December 2017
    See what I mean people are always saying how crappy he is even though is marvel counterpart is worse and gets so little to no backlash. 
    Its just stupid 
    I am glad that you are agreeing with me 
  • General_Smiley Maybe Aquaman is more famous then Namor. If Aquaman is more recognizable and well know and people dislike that kind of super hero then they will of course complain about the one in which is more well known and who they know more about. Aquaman seems to be more famous the Namor. At least that is how I see it.
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