Nazism wasn't left or right wing but syncretic. Yes or no?

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Adolf Hitler declared that Nazism was not a left or right wing movement, but a "syncretic" movement. What say you?
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  • I definitely don't think that the Nazi's were built around a syncretic movement. Syncretism is defined as allowing different beliefs. I don't think that they allowed different beliefs in their territory. I don't think this because eventually, with the Holocaust beginning, the Nazi's cut Jews off and Jews weren't allowed in Nazi Germany at the time.
  • Nazis were built on racism and nationalism. They may not have had any affiliations with political parties. They were against Jews and believe that Germany was the best country globally possibly. That was bad and racist.
  • Adolf Hitler may have issued the statement in order to get Germany to back him up. Keep in mind, Hitler wanted as much support as possible so that when he did something for Germany, his citizens and himself could be recognized for it. That being said, I would agree with what Nazism is being described above, but also that Nazism was independent from any American politics, so it is hard to correlate Hitlers policies with typical American political policies.
  • Adolf Hitler, Germany, and the Nazis may not have had any political party. They had fundamentally racist beliefs.
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