Will children grades K-12 benefit if school starts one hour later in the morning?

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This would also imply that school gets out one hour later. While this might give a child more sleep and more preparation, it also might inconvenience the parents in pickup and after school activities before dinner. Where do you stand?
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    1. School should start one hour later and end one hour later
    2. School times are fine just the way they are!

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  • WilliamSchulz Home work is the same so is after school clubs. Did you really give kids more time to sleep? depends. Some kids might have the same amount of sleep because they will just go to sleep later. Every thing for them just shifted. It also will interfere with outside school events and give kids less day light after school for after school activity mostly in the winter. But their are also the kids who will end up getting more sleep. I would do a test on one school of a district (That way it is a similar school in a similar position to the rest of the schools in district seance schools in a school distracts often change all together) then see how the test turned out. Other wise you would have a hard time seen if it is a overall good thing or bad thing.
  • Yes, that may help them increase their sleep.
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