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I'm here to take a look, so persuade me to spend more time in here.  My online debate tour of duty has been Forandagainst, Yickyak, CreateDebate, and then here.  There were a few others I think but I never got past a day or two on them.  Seems to me they're all basically the same except for a gimmick.  On CreateDebate that gimmick was the ability of the debate originator to ban anyone they wanted.  On DebateIsland it seems to be shades of grey of seriousness - casual up to formal.  But then I scan the current debates and some familiar names and it doesn't look all that different.  Anway, it's Christmas and New Years.  Give me some good reasons to stay at the DebateIsland party in the weeks/months/years ahead.
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    @Grenache, welcome to DebateIsland and thank you for posting the debate.
    I will give it a shot.
    1) as you pointed out - a variety of of formats  - casual, formal 1-1, and unique LIncold Douglas, PersuadeMe, Formalish.  It seems that new formats are added regularly.
    2) Civil community - you don't see non-sense that is encountere at the other debate sites like createdebate and DDO.
    3) the founder aarong really cares about the site, the community. He is actively engaged and develops the site.
    4) reactions are unique feature compared  to other debate sites and hevily used

    Lets start with these 4 reasons and lets see what you think.

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  • @Grenache, I'd say that you are right that there are many similarities between debate sites.  Islander507 pointed out good differentiators.  I'd say that a combination of these features give a sense of community and a friendly experience.  
  • Grenache, there's no reason not to join it. Join both CD and DI like I do.
    I come to debate, I stay to troll,
    I leave to think, I return to brawl.
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