Should parents be in charge of teaching and talking to their kids about sexuality?

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So, this last semester I took a very interesting class about human sexuality, and about a year ago I went to a talk about sexual education in children and how and what to teach according to the age of your child. So what I want to ask is your opinion as to wether its the parent's responsibility to talk about sexuality with their kids or should that be left to schools?

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  • I think that it should be up to the parents to talk to their kids about it. First off, the parents can decide when it's time to have "the talk" because sometimes schools do it way too soon and then the parent gets really awkward and there is some clear tension when the kid starts to talk about it when the parent hasn't told them anything yet. However, I think part of it should be left to schools to teach about. I think to learn about how babies are produced in the womb, and how the reproductive systems work should be left for the schools to teach but the surface level talk about how babies are made and what happens should be left up to the parent to talk to the kid about. 
  • I support (genuinely) taking all children away from parents and making entirely public healthcare and foster care as well as education which will include sex education.

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  • I think parents should educate themselves on how to talk to their children about sexuality, and what information is appropriate according to their age.

     Children, since the moment they begin to be aware of themselves, need to be educated on sexuality, but bit by bit. This because at certain ages the begin to become curious about different things, for example when they are 2 or 3 years old they begin to explore their bodies, touching their genitals and stuff like that and we have to teach them that it's not something they should be shamed about but they should know there are places and times for that behavior. Then when they get a little older they begin to be curious about the genitals of the other gender, boys try to lift girls skirts and stuff like that, so then you have to teach them that is not appropriate, etc.

     So, as you child is growing and learning and being curious and you need to be there as a parent to mediate between feeding their curiosity and limiting the information they receive only to what they need to know. 
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