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Opening Argument

With last night's launch of Debra AI, DebateIsland is changing the game of Debating, by demonstrating creative ways how people and machines can partner and gives us a glimpse of the future.  
I love the functionality and believe it's truly transformational.  I don't see how debating skills can be replaced by a computer any time soon, but can now see how machine learning and natural language processing is approaching advanced stages to help monitor toxicity of user community.  
I like the way Debra AI is implemented in the initial release, by encouraging (not enforcing) civility and meaningful debate posts. It promotes self awareness and self moderation, while allowing respectful debate and difference of opinions.
I would be concerned if Debra tells me I can't post something, but that's not what it is.  I would like to see ability to preview Debra indicator before comment is posted if possible.

I understand that some are uncomfortable with Artificial Intelligence, and may not like the transparency that Debra is providing.  I also can see how false positives (especially for Beta indicators) maybe annoying to some while Debra is in training.

I think that we have an oportunity to provide suggestions for improvement and nee features of Debra AI.

I will advocate for Pro position that Debra will have an overall positive impact on the community.
  1. Debra AI

    14 votes
    1. Love it
    2. Overall positive
    3. Overall negative
    4. Hate it
Live Long and Prosper

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Rounds: 3

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  • Round 1 | Position: For
    As stated in my opening argument, I believe that it will have net positive impact and I am impressed.
    - self moderation
    - help with toxicity and bullying
    - encourage more meaningful debates and comments while having flexibility
    - just cool!

    it's not man vs machine, but how man can better partner with machine - love it! Go Debra, and give me that double green please.
    Live Long and Prosper
  • Round 1 | Position: For
    I am generally skeptical of accuracy of natural language recognition, but recently I have been impressed with technology capability.  At this rate, computers will be able to have meaningful debates wih people in a non-far distant future.  Not there yet, but Debra AI so far can predict toxicity levels of text pretty well, judging by the score.

    While I may get frustrated if it would get it wrong bulk of the time, It's interesting that it picks up contextual nuances and make pretty good assumptions.
    I like it.  
  • Round 1 | Position: For
    someone234someone234 153 Pts
    edited December 2017
    Debra is honest when you explain how flawed she is.

    Right now I hope to get an orange for toxicity and green for substantial to the degree of 90+% substantial.

    Debra is futile and oppressive.
    I come to debate, I stay to troll,
    I leave to think, I return to brawl.
  • Round 1 | Position: For
    It's an amazing unique feature that is making the future of tomorrow - today.  
    I can't tell you how toxic other sites are, and if there is a way to control it, I am in
  • Round 1 | Position: Against
    According to Debra; so far in this thread, one post is toxic, one is unsubstantial, and two are incoherent.  None of the posts in this thread seem particularly incoherent, toxic, or unsubstantial.  I can figure out for myself which posts are worth reading and responding to, and much more accurately than Debra.
  • Round 1 | Position: For
    I seem to be more conscious today posting knowing that Debra is watching me.  I aim for the 2 greens and get a nice feeling of satisfaction when I get it.
    I believe in transparency and see how Debra has great potential.  I am on the I love it side.  I have a few suggestions for future enhancements.
    I would reverse the criteria for Debra to make all points positive instead of negative.  I would rather tell me that I did a good job vs telling post is poorly written.  
    I would also like to see a preview so I can make changes before submittng a comment.

    overall, I am happy with Debra and find her calls generally in line for the 2 circles.
  • Round 1 | Position: For
    Great job.  Debra is a positive for sure.  
    I can see the other points of view and agree that some upgrades will make it even better.
  • Round 2 | Position: Against
    Debra is set up backwards.  All responses are negative.  Instead of "toxic" they should rate a post level of being "considerate", instead of "unsubstantial" they should rate "substantial" or "convincing".
  • Round 2 | Position: For
    That was fast improvement. Debateisland just released 1.1 version of Debra.  This version is much more positive. That was a great suggestion @CYDdharta, and should address atleast some of the concerns from @someone234.

    I like the more positive outlook instead of punitive attitude of pointing out deficiencies.

    Live Long and Prosper
  • Round 2 | Position: For
    I don't really give two damns what I score but I really want to see what Debra scores this:

    I lust you Debra, be my slave good girl.
    I come to debate, I stay to troll,
    I leave to think, I return to brawl.
  • Round 2 | Position: For
    I am quickly getting used to this,  i like how I can get stats at a glance.  I also like today's improvement of using positive language of how good a post is vs how bad it is.  Nice job.

    She even cought inappropriate language above from someone234.
  • Round 3 | Position: For
    In my final round:
    1) Debra is generally correctly determining the color of 2 circles, providing valuable information about toxicity and depth of each comment.  
    2) Debra 1.1 is a much nicer version of a bit condescending Debra 1.0, now giving us positive reinforcement.
    3) We saw how quickly Debra went from 1.0 to 1.1, and I expect that it will further evolve with aarong help to make the site even better.

    I love Debra and what it will further become.
  • Round 3 | Position: For
    someone234someone234 153 Pts
    edited December 2017
    Mark me red Debra, you know you want to you filthy AI.

    PS: You are an emotionless piece of tech, I can legally and morally abuse you as I see fit. This isn't a trolling a human.
    I come to debate, I stay to troll,
    I leave to think, I return to brawl.
  • Vote
    Persuasive Argument (For): 3 Points
    Evidence And Sources (For): 0 Points
    Conduct (For): 2 Points
    Spelling And Grammar (For): 2 Points
    Persuasive Argument (Against): 1 Points
    Evidence And Sources (Against): 0 Points
    Conduct (Against): 0 Points
    Spelling And Grammar (Against): 2 Points

    Total Points (For): 7 Points

    Total Points (Against): 3 Points

    Explanation: I vote for pro due to more comprehensive arguments and better conduct.  The pro explained the benefits and some of the concerns of Con were addressed with Debra 1.1 that went live mid-debate.
    the conduct of some of the con users was lacking.
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