Theistic Evolution does not work with the bible.

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MindMasterMindMaster 14 Pts
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I believe that Theistic Evolution does not work with the bible. Persuade me that it does.

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  • I do not have to convince you of a thing. Your judgement is clouded enough as it is, why should I sway you another way?

    Of course the Bible is nonsense but read between the lines and you will find the alien demigods as they teach us the ways of fate and determinism.
    I come to debate, I stay to troll,
    I leave to think, I return to brawl.
  • If a Deists could get a Theists to believe in Jefferson’s phrase (US Declaration of Independence), “the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God,” then “evolution” will become a supplement adding resolution to the Book of Genesis, in our modern day of understanding God’s “Laws of Nature.”   That is, according to a Theists God created everything, including the physical laws of nature. Therefore, the physical laws of nature is the handwriting of God, where the scientific method is a way to read God’s handwriting.

    Such reformation in a Theists’ philosophy, should support evolution between the lines in the Book of Genesis; hence, for those reforming cases a “Theistic Evolution does … work with the bible.”

  • @MindMaster

    Christians whom accept theistic evolution along with the Bible are real life examples the proposition is false.  Obviously, these Christians lean towards a more metaphorical interpretation. I believe the OP must prefer a more literal understanding of the Bible.
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