The Singularity is Near

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The Singularity is Near

"In The Singularity Is NearWhen Humans Transcend Biology, Ray Kurzweil presents the next stage of his compelling view of the future: the merging of humans and machines. Kurzweil refers to this as “the singularity.

He describes the singularity as a future period during which the pace of technological change will be so rapid, its impact so deep, that human life will be irreversibly transformed.

Kurzweil postulates that we are already in the very early stages of this transition, and that within just a few decades, life as we know it will be completely different.

He explains, “The singularity will represent the culmination of the merger of our biological thinking and existence with our technology, resulting in a world that is still human but that transcends our biological roots. There will be no distinction, post-singularity, between human and machine nor between physical and virtual reality.

“If you wonder what will remain unequivocally human in such a world, it’s simply this quality — ours is the species that inherently seeks to extend its physical and mental reach beyond current limitations.” "

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  • No it is not!
  • @xMathFanx, I think that we are likely going to get to singularity point, but not as quickly as predicted.  The trend of automation and machine learning is growing fast, but it msy evolve in different ways in our society.  That depends how we choose to promote amd/or regulate some of the technology.
    Live Long and Prosper
  • @xMathFanx

    In theory,the only thing there is, is a singularity where one of the last human beings went back in time and ruled as god.
  • xMathFanxxMathFanx 83 Pts
    edited January 6

    In theory,the only thing there is, is a singularity where one of the last human beings went back in time and ruled as god.
    @brontoraptor ;

    That would make for a very interesting Sci-Fi storyline 
  • It is a commonly held view, that human dominance will eventually be succeeded by a non-organic, intelligent entity.
    I personally regard this as the natural progression of the evolution of matter.
    The "singularity" as described above is probably inevitable, but certainly not the inevitable conclusion of this evolutionary process. It is merely a phase within this process.
    Ray Kurzweil's prediction is nothing new and pays regard to current thinking "within the box".
    Look beyond the box and the necessity for the continued existence of the "organic" is thrown into doubt.
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