The Roast Game (FACT): Jim Carrey: Hollywood Elites "Eat Whole Babies" for Christmas!

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Check this article:

Hope you guys respond!
It is a shocker.
Is it a coincidence? I think not!  :|

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  • This is true!
    Not fake news!  :#
  • I told you to stop with this content. Please, few people on DI are interested in these types of debates because there is nothing to debate except the validity of the source. Have some fun and choose different topics! 
  • You are absolutely true that I can't tell you what to post, but from experience here, few people are going to accept your sources as fact unless you do some hardcore research. From reading the article, I just found a bunch of false quotes. If this guy truly is a TV star, where is a recording of him actually stating what the article claims he said?
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