Thoughts on Logan Paul and His Future Career??

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If you have not heard yet, Logan Paul recently went to the suicide forest in Japan where he and his friends were trying to film a YouTube Video, revolving around the haunted aspect of the forest. However, when they went in they found a Japanese man with a rope around his neck, with the rope connected to the tree, and he had committed suicide. Logan and his friends were all in shock but Logan actually filmed the man hanging there which was absolutely irresponsible. His friends and he also started laughing at a really sad suicide joke that was made about the man. Also, he made a sorry video and he explained how it was not right for him to film and how he should have put the cameras away but he didn't. YouTube community guidelines do not allow something this graphic to be shown on their platform so they took the video down but there are tons of reuploads if you want to see the video for yourself. Is Logan Paul's career doomed?? What do you guys think?? 
  1. Logan Paul's Career??

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    1. He Will Be Fine and Nobody Really Cares About This So He Will Be Just Fine
    2. He Won't Be Able To fix his mistake and his YouTube career is over
    3. His YouTube status will go down but will come back up

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  • His fanbase is made mostly of kids, mostly younger than 13. His fanbase will not care that their favorite idol did something horrible.
  • namemcnamenamemcname 63 Pts
    edited January 10
    Logan's fanbase consists mainly of 12 year old kids who don't care what they do. He (and his brother, and his friends) make horrible content and have a lot of well, rather easily offended kids who follow them, so it's not like his career was gonna last much longer anyway.
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