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  • Tournaments both individual and/or team sounds like a fantastic idea.  Winners could potentially be determined by Community voting in polls
  • One possibility that I think could work is a "team debate." These would be featured on a separate tab compared to the regular debates, and would have a few new components.

    1. Teams are made up of 3-4 people each following a formal Lincoln Douglass style debate.
    2. The 3-4 people are on the same range of beliefs regarding an issue.
    3. The three-four people get split into 3-4 roles, first constructive, cross examination, and rebuttal.
    4. Each argument point gets 3 days to post an argument.
    5. The teams actively discuss possible ideas for each argument and the head of the role collects the ideas with his ideas as well.
    6. Voters will judge the team effect of the argument based on the 9 point system as well as a 3 point system comparing individual arguments between first constructive, C-E, or Rebuttal. 
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