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Reddit Frugal - Are Frugal people cheap or practical? I say practical

Opening Argument

agsragsr 699 Pts

I am on a frugal side, and believe that frugality is generally a good feature as long as not going overboard into the cheapskate land.

I am happy to see that there are over 800k folks that seemingly think that way too on Reddit Frugal.

Being Frugal is good.  Jeff Bezos build Amazon on frugality and still operates it that way.  It's always easier to spend money than make money, and getting a good deal shouldn't be frowned upon.  

Looking at Reddit Frugal sub reddit there are many useful tips how to fuel your frugality.  I would say most of them are pretty reasonable and don't cross the line into cheapskate territory.

So, lets debate if being frugal is okay or not.

  1. Reddit Frugal - Are Frugal people cheap or practical?

    1 vote
    1. Frugal is being cheap
    2. Frugal is being practical
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  • Nothing is wrong with being frugal.  The Reddit Frugal sub is a useful source of ideas for frugality.  I wouldn't spend hours to save a few dollars, but frugality pays off long term.
  • Actually he built Amazon on a high risk high reward mentality. He put all he had into the project. You are guaranteed to be nothing special if you live frugal.
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  • @someone234. Amazon is still known as one of most frugal companies with Bezos leading charge.  Have you read Amazon Way?  Amazon is proud of their frugality and that’s how they can offer great customer experience in a low margin environment.  As one example, instead of using expensive office desks, they use doors to make desks and save money.  
    So high risk/high reward is not mutually exclusive of being frugal
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