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Current LD Topic-Plea bargaining ought to be abolished in the United States criminal justice system.

Opening Argument

Position: For
Come with prep, progressive styles allowed, theory welcome. Don't vote if you aren't an LD judge, if no one votes I think we can resolve this with each other on the flow anyways. Looking to get my kicked, never done any progressive before.

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Details +

Debate Type: Lincoln-Douglas Debate

Opponent: northsouthkorea

Time Per Round: 1 Hour Per Round



  • Affirmative Constructive | Position: For
    Also, 2000 word AC 2200 word NC and keep cross-x and rebuttals short
  • Cross Examination - Affirmative | Position: Against
    Plea Bargaining should not be abolished in the United States.

    This system/technique allows the US justice system to increase the speed and legitimacy of trials.

    Plea Bargaining can often save the jury a lot of time and expense. Plea bargains are essential to the accuser, or the victim, because it prevents the jury from going into acquittal, which means the jury will not be undecided. In such cases, justice is being served, therefore plea bargains should not be abolished from the Criminal Justice System.

    This positively effects the justice system.

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