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Should Facebook provide an option to report people for threats?

Opening Argument

I know several people who have been told to go kill themselves several times or have been told that the person sending the message would rape the person receiving it on Facebook. So I got thinking that maybe Facebook and other social media outlets should come with the option to report this behavior. Depending on your views, these are some serious offenses and if you'd notice, reporting people on FB only counts for things people have posted or commented on a post. Nothing for messaging. Sure, you could always block them, but that wouldn't solve anything given the simplicity of creating a new account to continue the harassment. With a way to report crude, messages, we'd be able to route out the problem. It could start off with a similar system to several gaming networks like Xbox Live. First offense, you get banned for a few days. Second offense, you get banned for a few weeks or months. Third offense, IP ban. For some more serious cases, there should also be the option to share the conversation directly with the police, so if it gets too serious they could take care of it. This would get rid of the hassle of calling them, waiting for them to show up and gathering the evidence. Not only would this solve a lot of problems, but it would help make the internet a safer place for a lot of people. Do you guys think differently? Or maybe you think there should be harsher punishments for such behavior, like having certain functions locked down? I look forward to reading your rebuttals.

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  • I agree that we should hold Facebook more accountable and they are already trying to use AI for monitoring some of this stuff.  Your suggestion should be a minimum they need to do.
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