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Elementary School Triples Recess Time For Students And It Completely Pays Off?

Opening Argument

This elementary school in Texas has tripled their recess time for elementary school and claims that it's a better approach.  
I'm not sure so that having so much recess is valuable for the overall education.  I like the social element that recess brings, but how does it make our kids more competitive with China, India, and other countries that accelerates actual STEM topics.  

The article claims benefits, and quotes an "expert" “If you want a child to be attentive and stay on task, and also if you want them to encode the information you’re giving them in their memory, you’ve got to give them regular breaks,” advises Dr. Bob Murray, a professor in Ohio State University’s Department of Pediatrics.

I hear you Dr. Bob, but..what about actual learning of topics.  Our kids are already not competitive, so lets give them even more of a break and let them work as what when they grow up?


Elementary School Triples Recess Time For Students And It Completely Pays Off 

written by

 Kalli Sarkin on February 9th, 2018
  1. Elementary School Triples Recess Time For Students And It Completely Pays Off

    6 votes
    1. Yes - it's great
    2. No - it will have long term detrimental impact
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  • Tripling recess time for kids so young, on top of the current recess will basically make half of the school day a recess.  How is that different from daycare.  I struggle with how we try to baby our children, give them trophies just for participating, opt them out of state tests, etc.  Then we complain about American workforce not being competitive in a global marketplace.
    We should invest in our children by giving them a real chance to get a good education that's actually compatible with future expectations.
  • In some ways I see too much pressure on young kids, forcing them to constantly multitask and context switch.  Extra breaks should help with improving of social communications and let them become more balanced.

    The concern I have about too many breaks (in this case triple), is how it will impact their ability to keep up with curriculum.  In any case it's too early to declare victory for sure.  Unless someone does a lomg term study to see how these kids turn out as adults I would say that any result is highly speculative.
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