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Is binge watching TV shows a good idea?

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agsragsr 699 Pts
edited February 11 in TV SHOWS

Is binge watching tv shows a good idea?
73% of Americans and 9 out 10 US millenials binge watch TV shows [1]
Binge watching is deeply embedded into out culture, with many watch on average 5 hours in a single sitting
(A minimum of 3 episodes). Netflix has revealed that more than five million people have “binge-raced” (completed an entire series of a show in 24 hours) in 2017 so far alone. [2]

The days of rushing home to watch the latest episode of the latest show is now mostly a foreign concept. There are numerous benefits for binge watching including knowing the quality of the show, your own schedule, and something exciting to do during your commute.

However, is it a good idea though to immerse yourself in binge watching on regular basis? I will argue that it's not.

Binge watching TV shows actually has neurological impact to your brain. [3]

Below are top 10 reasons why Binge watching is bad for you.

1) Each episode has it's own story that needs nuances that need to be absorbed.  If you are watching 5 episodes back to back then you likely will miss many of these important nuances. 

2) Online discussion communities provide interesting insights about each episode.  You mostly lose that opportunity if you just binge watch.

3) binge-watchers are more likely to report higher stress, anxiety and depression. [4]

4) You can't discuss latest episodes with your family, friends, and colleagues.  You may also feel not updated on the latest buzz, since you are not watching the latest episode everyone if talking about by the water cooler.

5) You are always afraid to run into spoilers.

6) Binge watching takes away opportunity for you to theorize and really absorb those cliffhangers between the episodes.  That takes away big part of enjoyment producers had in mind for you.

7)  Binge watching effects your sleep, according to a study from University of Michigan and Belgium’s University of Leuven [5]


  1. is binge watching tv shows a good idea

    3 votes
    1. Yes - Binge watching TV shows is a good idea
    2. No - Binge waching TV shows is a bad idea
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  • @agsr, there are so many benefits of binge watching vs watching TV live.  It's highly impractical to watch live TV, not to mentiomn annoying commercials that can't be fast forward.
    In many ways, binge watching is the only alternative and not really a choice.
    Sure, it's a smart thing to do in limiting TV consumption in general, but same is true for just watching live TV all day non-stop.

    There are some studies that argue that binge watching has benefits by improving your Emotional Intelligence.

    Great news, everyone: Binge-watching TV is good for you

  • lexman said:
    There are some studies that argue that binge watching has benefits by improving your Emotional Intelligence.

    Great news, everyone: Binge-watching TV is good for you

    @lexman, your referenced study is actually not specific to binge watching, but watching Specific shows.
    Live Long and Prosper
  • I think that binge watching is generally a good idea.  You really feel immersed into the show, becoming fully entrenched into the story and the characters.  That's a totally different experience than just an hour a week and waiting in between.  I hate waiting.
    Clearly there is a trade off committing to binge watching and I am sure that binge watching excessively can't be great for you (not to mention a time-suck).
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