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Persuade Me That There Is A Greater Underdog Triumph In International Soccer Than 1990's Norway

Opening Argument

Ok, so just to recap all of the accomplishments of this side:

Won and drew against England and Netherlands in UEFA WC Qualifying Round 2–_Group_2)

Very innovative side - Egil Olsen's tactical genius came up with the Flo pass, which saw a typically weak side manage to pull up to 2nd in the FIFA World Rankings (and ruffle a few feathers with the footballing elite as well.)

Defeated Brazil (ft. Ronaldo, Rivaldo, Juninho, Romario, Bebeto, Roberto Carlos) TWICE from 1997-1998

(Speaking of Brazil, and unrelated to the topic at hand, Norway have never lost to Brazil in their entire history)

Norway's unexpected success leads them to draw a relatively easy group for WC 98.–_UEFA_Group_3

Norway followed it up with qualification to the knockout round through Group A, where the aforementioned second defeat of Brazil occurred.

Norway lost against Italy 1-0, but not many other underdogs can say they held the likes of Roberto Baggio and Christian Vieri to a 1-0 score.

It will be interesting to see what other underdogs are thrown around in this debate.

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  • EDIT: Definition of "Underdog Triumph": "An unlikely accomplishment in soccer, such as going from 65th to 2nd in the rankings, winning the World Cup or Euros while it's chances of winning are ranked low, etc.
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