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Are people born gay?

This is one of those hot topics that's out there. I personally don't think you're born gay, just like you're not born racist. You have to choose to be racist, it's something you make up in your mind. A person chooses to be gay for various reasons. If someone is a guy who likes guys, he can choose to either act on, or ignore his feelings.
Being gay, a choice, or not?
  1. Are people born gay?11 votes
    1. Yes
    2. No


  • I honestly have no position on this topic.
  • Gay sex is a decision one takes base on the individual mindset. Yes guys can be born with feminine character but it does not mean the person will love to have sex with guys, because we have guys with strong masculine gene but still are gay.
  • No one is born gay. Just like no one is born a theif, a drunk, or even a murderer.
  • @CorranHorn  

    1 - I would not liken being gay (which is completely harmless if gay sexuality is practised between two consenting adults.) to racism
    2 - The definition of homosexuality is 
    1. (of a person) sexually attracted to people of one's own sex.
      • involving or characterised by sexual attraction between people of the same sex.
        "homosexual desire"                                                            

    So, therefore, sexual desire is all that's needed to define your sexuality, I like women I'm straight, my friend likes guys he is gay.


    1 - I would not liken being gay (which is completely harmless if gay sexuality is practised between two consenting adults.) to murder and thievery.

    2 - There are studies showing that sexuality is rooted in biology, (Simon LeVay study of 1993) I am a straight man, and when I see or am touched by a woman I find attractive my body reacts accordingly, (I don't need to be with a woman to know that I am sexually interested in them, so the idea that I need to experience gay sexual relationships to identify myself as gay doesn't hold up. 
  • Gays develop their sexuality over time and based on their environment.
    DebateIslander and a lover. 
  • With regard to human reproduction, when looked at from a realists viewpoint.

    A tiny percentage of the population are born with physiological abnormalities.
    The male of the species produces the sperm.
    The female of the species produces the egg.
    How people choose to gratify their sexual urges in between times is of no importance.

    As I stated, this is simply a realistic observation and does not take into account any social considerations.
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