Trump Compared to Peter the Great of Russian history

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In Russian history, Peter the Great was ruthless but made great progress in modernizing backward Russia. He was hands on, ruthless, extremely politically incorrect, and willing to put his country interests first at expense of other countries. Mr Trump hundreds years later and in a different part of the world seems to have reincarnated into a similar profile. Obvioulsly a different current state situation with different dynamics, but can we find parallel in history between Peter the Great in backward Russia hundreds years ago and Donald Trump of present day United States of America? Ultimately Peter the Great shaped the future of that country in a positive drastic way.
Trump Compared to Peter the Great of Russian history
  1. Is Donald Trump similar to Peter the Great?

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    1. Yes
    2. No
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  • That's a great comparison!
  • Yes, I believe that he is simialar to peter the great, at least in some ways.
  • He is very simialar, although they are different conditions as well as different time periods.
  • No, I believe that he was not simialar. Trump comes form a different background and is extreme with some topics such as immigration and border control etc. also, Donal Trump is fundamentally a business man not a politician, at least not in some ways.
  • I disagree with zekdk_thepersp1, Trump may have different beliefs and a different background, but he has some what of the same goal for America.
  • Wow, great comparison, I think that he does have some what of the same goal as the person before me debated.
  • Wow. Yes, and great debate, agsr! I think that he may share or reach to certain goals, as well.
  • Yes.
  • No, put in is more "daring" in some ways.
  • He is not, he may not even be comparable.
  • Yes, he is comparable to him.
  • Yes, I think so.
  • He is not like him, Donald Trump is a candidate coming for a business background. Peter the great was a different figure especially to the Russian people, Donald Trump is very controversial generally and has some interesting views and stand points.
  • He is simialra in general and some certain ways is a possibltity.
  • Yes, i think that Donald Trump is like him in some ways, but he many not be.
  • I believe that he is like him in ways. He shares some simialarities and they both want to or wanted to make their countries better, at lesser in some ways.
  • He is simialar, in certain ways. Also, great debate! I will try to spread this on social media!
  • He is simialar in ways.
  • Peter the great inherited a country with political structure full of corruption. The power was held by "boyars" who basically prevented any real decision making. They all also customary had long beards which gave Russia a perception of backward culture unlike European countries of that time. Peter imposed a tax on boyars who wanted to keep their beards, and in some cases he made examples of them and personally cut them off. His objective was to change perception how everyone thought of the country, he didnot necessarly do that just because.. Reminds me of politically-incorrect Trump who arguably is trying to change perception of America for all Americans and outside world.
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  • I disagree, with all of your debates! Donald's trump is not nearly as great as Peter the GREAT. When Trump is called Trump The Great, that would be a different stand point. He can attempt to make America great again, but it is already great, especially with him at the helm. He is attempting to deport illegal immigrants, build a wall, which the Us was previously against. Ronald Reagan, even gave a speech on taking down a wall in a different part of the world, although now Donald teumo and tepublicans want to build one and possibly more. Trump has many compliments And the opposite, but he is not like peter the great, who was truly great and wanted to make county amazing.
  • Awesokwkks19, you are wrong, trump does want to make America great again and amazing. Peter the great wanted to do that will Russia and better. Deporting illegal immigrants who came to this country illegally, and are downgrading it to a horrible level is wrong, that should not be tolerated and according to Doandl teump it won't! Also, great content, I will try to publicize this as will another user.
  • Awesokwkks19, thank you for your point of view. I dont think that this debate is who is better, Trump or Peter the Great. The debate is regarding similarities of the two key political figures of their time. I didnot see an option in the poll if we should call Trump as Trump the Great. :smile:
    Peter the Great clearly did many things that also divided opinions of people of that country at the time, like going to war and demolishing existing power structure.
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  • I also, agree with agsr. Also, I had a chance to look at agsr's profile and it has a wide range of great debates as well. He is also, one of the earliest users to as well as a key one. You should check out his debates.
  • Donald Trump is simialar to peter the great in certain ways.
  • edited January 2017
    Thank you prorepublican19929 for your support. It is interesting to draw similarities as we study world history, and this one is a good example.
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