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Should Trump Deport Illegal Immigrants?

I think that Trump should deport illegal immigrants as well as their children that may have been born in the US.
Should Trumo deport illegal immigrants?
  1. What do you think?16 votes
    1. Yes
    2. No
  • agsragsr 158 Points
    It cannot be black and white, but there should be a deliberate program for deportations, qualifying many preexisting conditions and family situations. It is a difficult social and ethical issue, and I would suggest initial focus on incoming immigration.
  • There should be deportations as I mentioned in agsr's previous debate.
  • Yes, he should do this and immediately. As he said, they bring nothing good to this country or for the most pry in general as well.
  • I am in america illegally with a mansion and can't leave. My whole life is here! You can't just pick me up by the croggy and THROW ME OUT LIKE A DOG
  • DericWM2001DericWM2001 12 Points
    edited January 29
    Yes, Donald Trump should deport illegal immigrants! Why not?! If an illegal immigrant is found then that illegal immigrant should be deported out of this country as soon as possible.
  • aarongaarong 32 Points
    Hi DerikWM2001, thanks for being such an active user in the community! We would really appreciate it if you could spread the word about us! Keep it up, you are earning badges/points fast, try to get on the leaderboard. The more referrals, the greater pints and possibly prizes. Anyway, I believe that Trump should deport illegal immigrants based on their status.
  • VaulkVaulk 39 Points
    I believe that it's wrong (Illegally) to enter the U.S. through a course of action that is deceptive and illegal in nature.  I believe that it's wrong (Morally and Ethically) to give special and privileged treatment to those who have broken our laws simply because they got away with it for so long.  So let's argue this from a moral standpoint (Since most of the opposition seems to be willing to overlook the legality of the idea): Is it right to give special treatment to illegal immigrants simply because they managed to get away with their crime long enough to create a Family in the United States?  If so...what other crimes should we excuse on those grounds?

    Essentially, the left side of this argument is that it's acceptable to overlook a certain type of crime because of the circumstances involved years after the fact.  I'm sorry but I disagree, no circumstances created "After the fact" could possibly excuse you from the long established repercussions for committing a crime. 
  • natbaronsnatbarons 22 Points
    Yes, Trump should be deporting illegals and fast. I was very happy with Trumps tax plan released as well.
  • LogicLogic 67 Points
    What makes murder wrong? In a world where we don't use our human feelings/nature, To say what is right or wrong, And we define everything by a set law, No matter how cruel it may be? Do you think that sounds like a good world? So we should use our humanity, To attack this problem.  When someone comes to a country to lead a BETTER life, They should be kicked out? Even if they couldn't come the legal way? If that's justice, Then i will take to part in association in such a corrupt form of 'justice' If you can even call it that.
  • inc4tinc4t 49 Points
    @Logic, so if someone works really hard to rob your house because they want a better life for themselves, would by the same logic you would say that's okay?
    i wouldn't.
    I agree with you that we should show humanity, and given the impact we can do deportations in stages and have in some cases a legalization process.
    Nevertheless, illegal immigration is stealing money from honest american tax payers, who also work really hard for a better way of life for their families.
  • LogicLogic 67 Points
    @inc4t Wow, I never really though of it that way. You opened my eyes to a new possibility, But we should STILL show some humanity when dealing with these people.
  • inc4tinc4t 49 Points
    @Logic, thank you.  I am glad that you gained an additional perspective.  I also agree with you that we need to demonstrate humanity and dont just kick everyone out overnight - after all there are 11 million people who are here for generations in some cases.
  • VaulkVaulk 39 Points
    I agree with @inc4t , I do believe in compassion and humanity but can't overlook the negative repercussions of illegal immigration simply because there are people involved.  In this case I don't think there's a wonderful answer to the problem, I think this is going to come down to the lesser of two bad decisions and the lesser in this case is removing the people that should never have been allowed to be here in the first place in order to provide justice for those who are here rightfully so. 

    I understand the position of the illegal immigrant, it's hard, they had a bad life, they're trying to make a better life...but at what cost?  It cost taxpayer dollars to support them, they've broken our laws to achieve their better life, they've spat in the face of our legal system and in the faces of the immigrants who came here legally and what's worse than that is the fact that they're continuously spitting in the faces of those that are currently struggling to gain legal citizenship as we speak.  We cannot simply give them special treatment when there are hundreds of thousands of people still in line who DO respect our laws enough not to break them.
  • agsragsr 158 Points
    @Vaulk, given your personal experience I think that makes you most qualified to offer an opinion on this topic.  You have see many of them in correctional facility.  
    I agree with you.
  • internrubuinternrubu 2 Points
    I agree with @vaulk who provided his valid personal experience as @agsr mentioned. This is great evidence to support your debate and there for so agree with your point. There are really two majorities for this debate. Let Illegal immigrants stay or keep them out of here. On one hand, most illegal immigrants whether they're coming from Mexico, Canada or any country, want a better life for themselves and their families. This could be a reason Trump decided to potentially keep the Dream act, Obama put in place during his term. On the other side, Illegal immigrants are taking American jobs, killing people, selling drugs, and much more. I believe in high border control, especially on our American-Mexican border. My position, is the same as @vaulk 's and @agsr . We need to keep illegal immigrants out. I also believe in the dream act Ibama put in place and Trumo decide to to keep for his term as well. This is my side on the immigration stand point.
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