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Should i be deported?

I'm from Britain but am austrailian/english in my background. I live in the us illigally with a mansion and a gater meat farm but my whole bloomin life is here. You can't just throw me out like a DOG! I pay taxes! And now trump thinks he can just THORW ME OUT! I'll nife im' if he knocks on my door.
Should i be kicked out of the US?
  1. Yes or no?8 votes
    1. yes
    2. no


  • No, I believe it should possibly be on the persons situation.
  • As long as you pay taxes. I think you should be a citizen.
  • Yes, you should be deported.  Come back in the right way, legally.
  • VaulkVaulk 199 Pts
    edited August 15
    Yes and here's why:

    If the U.S. immigration laws make an exception for you...then there has to be an exception for everyone.  If the rules don't apply to you...then they can't apply to everyone.  No one gets special treatment because they've managed to avoid being caught for an extended period of time.  Is it illegal to immigrate to the United States without going through the proper channels?  The answer is yes, it is illegal.  Should the laws of this country not apply to you because you pay taxes and haven't been caught?  To answer this I'll ask you this:

    Is it illegal to steal a motor vehicle in the United States?  The answer is yes, it is illegal.  Should you be exempt from legal recourse because you pay taxes and haven't been caught stealing cars yet? shouldn't be exempt.  Nor should people who are illegal immigrants be exempt from the laws of our country just because they pay taxes and haven't been caught.  The law is the law no matter how big or substantial your sob story is. 
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