Is Public Cloud technology a hype

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We all heard that Cloud technology like Amazon AWS, Azzure, Google will completely change the footprint of corporate data centers, how much cheaper it is, and how much more efficient. That said, there are still many questions. Is it really cheaper/better than traditional hosted offerings? Is public cloud technology in its current form a short lived transient trend, that will be replaced with the next generation of technology like serverless computing?
Who will be the leader longer term in this space?
Future of Public Cloud
  1. In most cases is public cloud really cheaper/better than traditional hosted offerings?

    5 votes
    1. Almost always cheaper/better
    2. Mostly cheaper/better
    3. Depends
    4. It is just hype, and in many cases worse
  2. public cloud technology in its current form a short lived transient trend, that will be replaced

    5 votes
    1. It is a longer term trend
    2. Hype, will be replaced soon
  3. Who will be the leader in public cloud

    5 votes
    1. Amazon
    2. Google
    3. Microsoft
    4. Oracle
    5. Other, or not sure
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  • Public Cloud Technology may be "the next big thing" for hosting plans. The cloud eliminates many issues that will be present with normal, physical hosting.
    There are many pros-
    1. Cheaper
    2. Resolves many issues
    Due to this, I think it is not just a hype.
    Also, Amazon in my opinion will be the leader in public cloud.
    I was able to check out their Amazon Web Services, Cloud hosting (AWS). It has high flexibility unlike regular hosting plans as well and seems to be very appealing.
  • Thank you usjjajajj_238. I think your points are legit, but with massive power of Microsoft that already has large corporate relationships and massive sales account teams, they maybe able to scale their corporate offerings more effctively than amazon, gaining advantage in that market. For startups and small businesses, amazon is on a good track to continue to be a leader.
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  • Ok, agsr, so your claiming that Microsoft would be better for corporate and Amazon is better for small businesses etc.. I agree with that as well, but it may be more mixed than that as well as a simialar it's do type between those two differences.
  • Ok, agsr, your saying that different companies will have different markets and customers. I also agree with that, because it sound genuinely realistic to that market or purpose.
  • The potential market share for cloud computing is hugh, as many tech vendors transition their current software offerings from hosted to cloud based revenue models. This transition and transition on current data centers to public cloud will require billions and billions of investments. As the situation continues to evolve, I think other trends will start maturing such as serveless computing, making the lines and opportunity even more complex. It will be surprising if both Amazon and Microsoft will not be leaders in that combined spae, but I also think we will see some new unexpected players that dont have too much market share today
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