Should The United States let in refugees?

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I think there should be a quota for certain countries.
What did you think?
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  • NopeNope 168 Pts
    Yes for the good of the refugees.
  • Nope said:
    Yes for the good of the refugees.
    I believe that the US should let in refugees, but not feel like they are forced to by some mandatory laws. It might make sense to let in refugees during a wartime situation in larger amounts to grow the population and fill in wartime jobs. However, it might make sence not to let in refugees if their ethical / moral background does not fit the interests of the US. That is not to say that religious refugees can't enter based on religion, because ethics and morality are different than religion. I am saying that a person who comes from a poor family, loves the ideals of the US, and needs a job should be let in, but not a convicted terrorist from Al-Queda with no repentence intent on harming US citizens. These are basic examples, but they hopefully show how while there might be many fantastic people out there to be accomodated by the US government, the government should not feel like it has to take in every single one, except say in a wartime situation.
  • I believe that the US should allow refugees from some countries. 
    DebateIslander and a lover. 
  • Yes, refugees should be allowed. They may be leaving their country for a reason/s.
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