Nearly Half of America Voters Support Trump's Immigration Order

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According to fox news A new Quinnipiac poll released last week shows more American voters support President Trump's executive order to temporarily suspend immigration from several Middle Eastern and North African countries.
What does community think of the poll, lets see if we get similar
  1. Do you support Trump's Immigration Order

    11 votes
    1. Yes - Support Order
    2. No - Dont Support Order
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  • I completely support the order.
  • I also support the order, it needed to be done and Trump completed that need, the need is no longer there.
  • I completely support President Trumps executive order for Immigration. I think what President Trump did is key to having better national security, more jobs, and just in general will strengthen our economy and more Americans will be employed. The illegal immigrants who get deported will still have chance to live the American Dream because they will be entitled to come back across the border legally.
  • That's a good point mortonjohn71. I also agree with some of the other statements. Trumps policy is generally good for America and it's people.
  • Wow, when you think about it half of Americans voters is a surprisingly high amount for supporting Trump's policy. I also support his policy.
  • While original poll from fox news it was slightly more than half supprting Trump actions, but DebateIsland shows it is more pronounced support - 88%
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  • I support the order. Although, his approval rating is very low according to the media-
  • Thats an interesting article ajnsnd_29987. You should consider creating a debate poll to see what debateisland users think compared to this poll.
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  • I support the order.
  • I bet those who voted to support the order would feel otherwise if their religion was targeted as well. What if Trump would target Chinese, Irish, italians, Greek..would that be fair. Isnt one of the founding principles of the consitution to not discriminate against race or religion?
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