Do you think that Microsoft, Apple, Google, Samsung ran out of ideas?

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    1. They ran out of ideas
    2. They did not run out of any ideas

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  • I think that they still have ideas, and there are hopefully more innovating inventions and products to come, especially soon hopefully.
  • I think they still some ideas, and will develop more over a certain span of time and possibly in the near future as well, especially considering Apple's IPhone 10th anniversary coming up.
  • These are still companies that continue to institutionalize innovation. I expect a good pipeline of products from them, although they will continue to face challenges from numerous startups and disruption in the space
    Live Long and Prosper
  • These are very creative companies as agsr said and are extensively innovative as well. They produce items that people don't ever know they want, that's very innovative just by itself.
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