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For those of you with small kids, there is nothing more frustrating than when the kids get a flu. Lets say your nephew (your brothers son) has a severe flu and you normally take the same train home with your brother on a way to work. Would you still take the same train with your brother, or try to avoid taking train with him. The brother is not showing any symptoms (atleast not yet), but you know that flu is highly contagious and it takes a couple of days to show symptoms.
  1. Would you take train with your brother?

    11 votes
    1. Yes -I am not germaphobe: I will still take train with my brother.
    2. No - I would not take train with him. I would tell him why.
    3. No - I would not take train with him. I would make an excuse and not tell him directly why.
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  • I would not take a train with my sibling who has a son with the flu. I am a partial germafobe so that may explain it.
  • I would take the train with him. Train has many sick people all the time. You simply cant avoid it. As long as your brother is not coughing or sneezing you, it is fine. Look at it this way: it is either your brother or some other sick person next to you.
  • Tocik17, while you make a valid point, incubation period for flu is 2 days. When in school kids have a flu, teachers often send a note home letting parent know about the risk. It is true that other random people on the train may also have a flu, but you cannot help them. You are also not talking to them directly.
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  • I would, at the end of the day there brothers.
  • I would ride the train with them, it seems to be winning in the poll too.
  • I would not, it is very unsanitary. Although, tocik17 makes a good point. Many people in the train are sick. Especially, with generally public transportation such as trains, buses and more.
  • /aproffesional_alls19,
    Thanks for your point. I guess I am not sure how relevant it is if they are brothers. If one gets the other sick, brings it home to their family and kids, the other brothers family will not appreciate him taking this risk knowingly.
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  • Agsr, just keep your distance and take the train with your sibling. Dont hug or shake hand, and you will be fine.
  • I would not take the train with them. Also, great Website. I found it from a debate in is much better. I will be using this form now on as well as recommending it to other users and beyond.
  • Tocik17, i am not suggesting to skip the train or be late to work. I think keeping distance or being in a different cart or in an opposite end of the cart qualifies same as not taking train with him.
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  • I would take the train. Like agermaphone_20 said it is better than as well as and the other major debate websites. It should be in top ranking if it was up to me. I found it through their debate on I voted for them.
  • You can be close enough and still keep your distance. As long as you are not getting sneezed or caughed at, I wouldn't be worried. Especially, if sibling is not showing symptoms.
  • Agreed with tocik17 that keepimg distance is okay.
    Also agreed with the other users that is much better and easier to use then the other debate sites.
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  • I would take the train with them. I'm not that bad of a germaphobe. Also, I got referred from a user who found it on google. The ranking was not high, but it should be as the other user/s said. It is more flexible than the other websites as well as simpler like the Debate said. It would be nice, if it would possibly have a more organized system possibly in the comments for the debate and not. Although, that's not major and it's good either way. People can really enjoy it due to its simplicity unlike other Debate websie's complex system which many people companion about. I think if wound be in higher ranking it would be the number 1 debate website out there. I will try to publicize it a little bit possibly. Great Website, keep up the amazing work! I'll come back and debate!
  • I would not take the train with them, it is simply to risky.
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