Would you gift a romatic gesture to your wife an album with funny pictures of her

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Would you think it is a good idea to make a printed photo collage of pictures for your wife as a holiday gift.Even though the are from phone history over a few years, with pictures selected will not be the best ones, and some are from random situations. Like dr office, before breakfast without make up, maybe some she wasnot her best. Of course there are many other great pictures with her and the kids, family, us together, etc. This way it is a good representation of real life.
  1. Is it a good idea cor holiday present, or will the wife get upset?

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    1. Great Romantic Gesture
    2. Wife will be upset that some pictures she doesnot look her best
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  • I think it's is a good gesture. It's a very nice gift.
  • That's a great gesture.
  • Terrible move. You are in the dog house now. Should of did better job selecting pictures, where she looks right in each one of them.
  • Tocik17, i guess you are indicating that this gesture may backfire, although most debateIsland users seem to think it is a great gift.
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  • All I am saying, is that you are playing with fire. A nice bag would of been a guarantee. This gift is a hit or miss.
  • I think it's a good gesture.
  • It's a nice gift, it's also very thoughtful. Some women may not prefer it. Once again, it's a very nice gift.
  • It's a nice gift.
  • That's a very nice gesture.
  • Get rid of the questionable pics and you have a great gift.
  • I think that's a nice gesture.
  • I agree with tocik17. How many tries does it take most people to be satisfied with a selfie? Why? Because they only like to look at good pics of themselves.
  • Bnyjstock1 is correct. That is an excellent point. I should always ask going forward tocik17 and bnyjstock1 for advice related to such matters
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  • I think that's a great gesture.
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